About SipperParty

We’ve spent the past 11 years hosting gamified blind tastings!


So we could beat the proverbial pants off of our friends, neighbors, and adult family members.

Because sitting around making small talk without the sweet reward of victory and free wine seems like a waste of a night! 

While regular blind tastings limit your guest list to people that care about tannins and oakiness, SipperParty opens the wine world to anyone willing to sip and rate. SipperParty was designed for social gatherings with unpretentious wine discovery. Simple, fun, and competitive.


It wasn’t always this simple though! For years we kept track of each players’ vote with the classic paper/pencil scoring method. This pain in the neck system was arduous and really speaks volumes for our love of the game. But eventually, we decided an easy to download app was the answer we needed! We must say, this app has been a HUGE improvement!

As SipperParty grows, so will the app features.  So, stay tuned.


With the app handling so much of the boring logistics and making more room for fun, we turned our attention to modernizing the tasting tools. First, we redesigned the outdated canvas bags with sleek fitting bottle sleeves. Next, to ensure everyone gets a taste, we added one ounce pour spouts - to prevent our SloppySippers from over pouring. Next, we took a look at how to award our winners and losers of a SipperParty. High stake competitions such as this deserve an official award ceremony!
Our highest ranked wine owner wins the filled wine tote – one of every bottle tasted.  The loser "wins" an Instagram worthy medal which reads, “Host of The Next SipperParty.” 

And here we are - offering this memory-making game to you and your favorite Sippers. We hope you enjoy our curated tasting kit/app as much as our friends do.  It’s your turn to host.


Your SipperSquad   

Please host responsibly – right now, that also means wearing masks, washing your hands often, cutting out the shareable snacks, and sipping outside when you can!