Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Wait. Shouldn't we be social distancing, not throwing parties?
    We agree and would never recommend gathering in a way to put anyone's health at risk. Always follow your local regulations and guidelines before planning your SipperParty. Have an outdoor get together, keep your guest list down to just your cohort, and have a designated player pour the samples. These are just some of the ways , along with masks, hand washing, and hand sanitizing, that can help keep your favourite Sippers safe.

  2. Do I need to know a lot about wine to play?
    Absolutely not! This game is played based on your own personal preference and won’t require you or any guests to become a sommelier. There’s nothing wrong with your wine knowledge if you’ve got it - it’s just useless here, that’s all! Everyone is welcome to a SipperParty - non wine knowledge necessary.

  3. How can we host this party without getting together in person?
    We have been working (and playing) non-stop to create a digital SipperParty for you! For now, there is one possibility where everyone drops off their 2 bottles at the host home. On tasting day, the host would divide up the tasting bottles into small bottles, jars, etc. for each guest pick up.  Tasting & rating happens online (Zoom, Meet, etc.) and after a fun event, a winner is determined.  The 2nd bottle from everyone will be delivered to (or picked up by) the winner!

    We’re sure others have ideas on how to make this work online. If so, please share with us so we can make it happen!

  4. Does everyone invited to the party have to bring a bottle?
    Not necessarily.  Anyone can download that app, "Just Sip" and enjoy the fun! But only those who bring a bottle can be crowned the winner! There have been many times where a couple would bring just one kind of wine between them. In this case, one person would load their bottle on the app and the other would choose "Just Sipping" and not add a bottle.

  5. How many people should we invite?
    Your first priority is making sure you are following your local restrictions to socializing. That is a priority! Otherwise, our app will allow any number of bottles and it just depends on how many wines you want to sip. We have successfully hosted 60 people at our parties! Start with 6-12 bottles for now and see how it goes! You can always purchase more bottle sleeves in the future.

  6. What if we find a bug in the app?
    So long as it’s on the app and not in your wine, we can handle it! We're hoping to have awesome Sippers like you report back any issues so we can adjust right away. We want to make it the best experience for everyone and need your feedback!

  7. Do we need to buy the product and the app?
    The app is free to everyone! And if we’re being honest, you can probably get by without buying the SipperParty kit too. It may just not be as smooth of a night without it. After hosting this event for over a decade, we have made many mistakes along the way. Long nights missing out on fun because we are upstairs tallying points… Attempting to cover wine bottles with tin foil… Losing track of which wines have been tasted - you name it. That’s why we have curated just the right items you need to make everything seamless.  One stop shopping for all the best quality items you will need.  Making is easy for you!

  8. What else should we have at our SipperParty?
    We have included everything in our host kit to make the tasting & rating run smoothly.  However, we highly suggest you also offer hors d'oeuvres and water to keep your new Sippers, HappySippers.

  9. How can I buy the bottles I liked from a SipperParty?
    The great thing about the app is that once a party is over and the results released by the host, you have a list of all the bottles and ratings in the palm of your hand.  You can refer back to a party while you're at the liquor store or online, and order the ones you like best.  In the future you will be able to order the bottles right from the app. Stay tuned!

  10. Any other questions, please contact us and let us know!