Hey there Sipper Host!

Friends bring the wine. You bring the party.

There’s nothing quite like getting your favorite friends together to eat good food, drink good wine, make memories, and destress from a long week! But sitting around the television, playing a board game, or worse, just chatting about the weather is a thing of the past. You’re a SipperHost now! Time to make your night with friends, fun, memorable, and competitive! Here’s how it works:


First things first - you’ll need to download our FREE app + enter your party details. We’ll ask you to set the date and time of your SipperParty, set your category, and some other preliminary questions. Don’t worry! This won’t be an episode of Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader. Zero skill testing questions here!

Next, you need to invite your friends. Send them the link provided in the app and confirm that they can make it to your party! You want to make sure that there is some serious competition so making sure your Sippers can make it will be key. As long as there are at least 3 bottles of wine to try - you should be set!

You and your friends will now have to choose what wine they will bring! When they go shopping, make sure they know to grab TWO of the SAME bottles. One will be for sippin’ the other will be for the winner! Each player needs to keep their wine selection hush-hush, and simply enter the details directly into the app.  One important time saving tip...ask your guests to open their bottle and re-cork just before they arrive.  This saves you precious time that is better spent catching up with guests!

That’s some pretty simple party prep if you ask me!


Tonight is the night and your crew are on their way! Set out those delicious appetizers, a pitcher of water, and the sample glasses included in your kit.  At this point they will all be wondering what kind of game they are playing!

As your Sippers arrive, cover one bottle from every Sipper Guest with the numbered sleeve assigned on the app. The app will randomly assign bottle numbers that only the host can see.   Be sneaky and quick so other Sippers can’t cheat!  Place the second bottle into the winner’s tote included in the kit and go join your fellow Sippers! Uncork those bottles, top each one with a pour spout, and you are off to the races, my friend.

The game officially starts when you, the host, start the timer built right into our app. From that point on, each Sipper will sample in whatever order they choose. No need to fuss about aroma or notes unless you really want to. Enjoy the company of your favorite Sippers, eat, laugh, and enjoy the game. As you try each wine, open the app and rate that tasty adult grape juice from ✰ - ✰✰✰✰✰


The wines have all been rated and the party timer has rung! It’s time to announce the winner of your SipperParty. As the host, you pop right into the app and get a sneak peak at whose wine received the highest praise over the course of the evening. Gather your Sippers to make the big announcement!  Then release the results on the app so guests can see how all the bottles ranked.

Bring on the arm raisin’, booty shakin’, happy dance! Victory has never tasted so good! Your SipperWinner is walking home with a tote bag full of wine. They take home the tote full of wine and your SipperParty loser? Well, they are awarded the coveted last place medal and the honor of hosting the next SipperParty!

It’s time dinner parties were less complicated, more fun, and more memorable. After 11 years of hosting gamified blind tastings, we guarantee your Sippers will be talking about this night for many nights to come. Join the party and get sippin’!

 As always, please host and drink responsibly.