Hey There Sipper Host!


Blind tastings have never been this fun and we can’t wait for your evening of sipping + winning!   Below is your complete Sipper Host To-Do List.
Made so you don’t stress, it’s easy!

1.  Download the SipperParty app.  Available for IOS and Android. 

2.  App set up: 📱

Enter date, location, and sipping category: red, white, bubbles. Or, if wine just ain’t your thing, go with spirits: bourbon, scotch, tequila, beer. Pick your poison!  

3.  Invite Guests: 📩

Okay, now we find out who your favorite friends are!  You now have the power to  bring your people from FRIENDSHIP to SIP-SHIP and you Sippers will never be the same! 
The Six bottle tasting can accommodate the following groups: 

3 COUPLES: 💑🏼💑🏽💑🏼 Each person submits a bottle 
6 INDIVIDUALS: 🧍One bottle per person 
6 COUPLES: 💑🏽💑🏼💑🏿💑👩‍❤️‍👩💑🏽One bottle per couple  
No matter what your friend circle looks like, you can make it work! 

4.  BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottles) 🍾🍾

Let your Party Sippers know that they need to find + purchase two identical bottles for the party night. Prior to the event, guests enter the bottle details in the app.  Easy peasy. 

 Awesome, now take a break - pour a glass of wine, you deserve it after all that work! Your Sipper Pals will take care of the rest till Game Day!

Now, what to do at Showtime... 

  1. PARTY NIGHT 🏡 🥂 🍾

As guests arrive, just open, spout, + cover one bottle with the app’s assigned sleeve #. This is where your master host skills will come in to play. Be sneaky. Guests shouldn’t know their bottle number. The second bottle is placed in the winner’s tote. 👜


Once all the bottles are sleeved and your guests are primed with aperitifs, it’s  time to start the app’s party clock. We recommend 60 minutes on the clock for the blind tasting game. Use the rest of the evening to heckle your winners and losers.  

  1. SIP & SCORE 🍷  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

In random order, guests sip, socialize, and score each bottle with a 1 – 5 star rating. 1 represents the least favorite and 5 represents the best. 


When the app’s timer ends, the scoring data is immediately available to the host, first. Bottles are gathered and revealed with score and rank. The tote, with one of every bottle tasted, is awarded to the champion, the loser receives the medal and promises to be the next SipperHost!  

And just like that, you are everyone’s favorite party thrower!  

Now all that is left is for you and your Certified Sippers to purchase your favorite bottles and continue enjoying them!