Welcome SipperParty Guest!

You are a lucky one!  You're either on this page because you've been invited to one of the best parties ever, or you're curious about how one works.  Read on to find out...  

  1. Once you have the honor of receiving an invitation to a SipperParty, download the app and enter your party code to join the party!  (Downloadable on iOS or Android)

  2. Take note of the liquor type your host has selected and purchase 2 identical bottles 🍾🍾,.   One bottle will be used to taste and rate.  The other bottle will be put in the Winner's tote.  

  3. Once you've chosen what you think will be the winning bottle, open the app and enter your bottle information, then sit back and wait for game day!

  4. The night of the event, join your friends for a fun night of sipping.  Your host will start the party so you can rate each spirit on our SipperParty app. 

  5. The app will tally the scores and determine the highest rated bottle.  Whomever brought that bottle is the winner and gets to bring home the tote with one of each bottle tasted!!  Sipper fun!

  6. Enjoy, have fun, be safe, and then host your own SipperParty!