12 Bottle Kit+Glasses

12 Bottle Kit+Glasses

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Get your tasting kit today!  Too shy to Host?  Gift it! 

SipperParty puts the party right in your kitchen or living room. Gone are the days of wasting time at stuffy dinner functions, overcrowded venues, overpriced cocktails downtown, and obligatory attendance to events. And honestly, we’re good with that! Home has always been where the heart is, now it’s where the party is too!

  • 12 Numbered Bottle Sleeves 
  • 12 Pour Spouts -1oz 
  • 12 (4oz) Acrylic Tasting Glasses
  • 3 Persona Badges: ChattySipper, SloppySipper, SillySipper
  • Bottle Opener  
  • (2) Winner's Bottle Tote - (winner walks away with one of every wine tasted - heck yeah)
  • Loser's Medal  - last place is the "Host of The Next SipperParty" 

Wine not included.  Guests bring the wine.